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A Brief Knoxville History Lesson

One of the oldest artificial structures in Knoxville is a burial mound constructed between 1000-1400 AD, though there have been substantial settlements there since at least 1000 BC. The University of Tennessee has developed around the preserved burial mound. By the 18th century, the dominant tribe in the area was the Cherokee.

The first white traders and explorers arrived in the Tennessee Valley in the late 17th century. The end of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution led to an increase in European-American settlement on the west side of the Appalachians. The U.S. Congress made an unsuccessful attempt to keep settlers out of the valley in 1785. They kept coming and tensions increased between the settlers and the Cherokee.

George Washington-appointed governor William Blount named White’s Fort the new capital Knoxville in honor of Henry Knox, Blount’s superior in the Revolutionary War. The town went from being the capital of the Territory South of the River Ohio to the capital of the Southwest Territory to the capital of Tennessee when it gained statehood in 1796.

Bryant Family Dentistry in Knoxville, TN

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See What Our City Has to Offer!

A great place to go to experience a lot of Knoxville all at once is Market Square, which is bursting with interesting local restaurants and shops. Street performers play and the grounds are lovely, with plenty of shade and benches. Try some local dining and enjoy a little people-watching!

A pretty cool sight to see (or see from) in town is the Sunsphere Tower, which was constructed for the 1982 World’s Fair. It is home to a full-service restaurant and the Observation Deck, which is open to the public. The tower overlooks the World’s Fair Park, which features a festival lawn, splash pads, a performance lawn, and an amphitheater. You’ll love the view from the tower and there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the park.

For an older piece of local history, you could go see the James White Fort, a little park in the heart of the city with the original 1786 residence of James White, the city’s founder. The fort is well preserved, with a museum about local history. You won’t regret making time to see this historical site.