How to Treat Internal and External Root Resorption

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What Is Root Resorption?

Root resorption can be a perfectly normal and healthy thing if it’s happening in a baby tooth about to be replaced by its adult counterpart. However, when the root of an adult tooth begins to break down, either from the inside or the outside, it puts the entire tooth in jeopardy and needs the attention of an endodontist.

Treating Internal and External Root Resorption in Knoxville, Tennessee

Root resorption doesn’t always have symptoms, and will often be detected by routine radiographs. The problem appears as an abnormal pulp chamber (internal resorption) or lesions to the outside of the tooth (external resorption). Depending on how extreme the resorption is, root canal therapy may be all that is needed to save the tooth.

How Dr. Bryant Can Help You

If you have a sensitive or painful tooth or you’ve noticed that it has developed a pinkish color or feels loose, these may be symptoms of root resorption. Give us a call at (865) 693 -7631 or send us an email right away to schedule an appointment so that Dr. Bryant can determine the next steps for the tooth.